Many salon owners consider retail sales both a blessing and a curse; they can bring in a substantial source of revenue, but moving product quickly and strategically can be challenging, something we’ve experienced first-hand at The Style Garage. With a little creative thinking, however, boosting retail sales doesn’t have to be so tough. Keep reading to discover our secrets to retail success.


Who needs an excuse for a party? No one! People love to celebrate, whatever the reason, so give them one—use an anniversary, a stylist’s birthday, or even a made-up holiday to create buzz and promote retail sales.

Celebrate the release of a new product, or the anniversary of a client favorite—the possibilities are truly endless. Tie salon promotions with current events and seasons, like promoting eco-friendly salon products for Earth Day, or travels and minis for vacation season.

Get Creative With Advertising

Try something new with advertising; different people prefer different mediums, so experimenting with alternative approaches can reach a totally new crowd. Radio ads, placemats at local restaurants, or even an ad in a local publication or on a tourism website can provide a major boost.

The same goes for in the salon as well; take advantage of traffic flow through the salon with strategically placed displays and promotional materials. Consider a window display that changes frequently to draw interest, or hold a sidewalk sale to catch the attention of passers-by.

Partner With a Cause

As with different types of advertising, partnering with a cause can bring in new clientele and show community support. Sponsor a local event or sports team to get active in the community and increase brand awareness.

Leverage Existing Clients

Existing clients are a powerful, but often-forgotten marketing tool. Keep clients informed on salon happenings and specials with a monthly newsletter to stay top-of-mind.

Start a referral program incentivizing clients to bring in their friends, or a loyalty program that encourages additional purchases during their service, both of which are highly effective.

Get Social

While social media often comes with a learning curve, it is a staple in any salon owner’s marketing toolkit. So set aside any hesitation and dive in.

Host a live event on social media showcasing different techniques or looks, or demoing products. Show people what they’re missing if they aren’t already a client, remind existing clients why they love the salon, grow brand awareness, and establish a solid presence online.

Sell Products Online

Convenience and customer experience have become the focal point of any successful business, salon or otherwise, and part of that is being where the customers are.

An online retail store is an investment, but one that pays—it sells product around the clock and offers clients the convenience of being able to stock up on their favorite products without an in-store visit. Paired with some online advertising, an online store can become a powerhouse of retail sales that runs largely behind the scenes.

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