CBD skincare, CBD candles, CBD bath bombs and body products–but have you heard of CBD hair care? 

Before we get into the beauty of CBD in hair care–let’s start with the basics. What is CBD? 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol–a natural chemical found in the cannabis plant. More specifically, CBD is derived from a type of cannabis plant known as hemp. Widely used for its medicinal properties throughout the course of history and across cultures, hemp only contains small amounts of THC which can have a number of positive uses when taken orally or applied to the skin. 

Here, we’re going to focus on CBD when it is used topically. What are the benefits? 

It’s likely that if you’ve seen  CBD products in the store, you’ve mostly spotted them in the skin and body care section. Think lotions, moisturizers, facial cleansers and towelettes, even soap. There’s a good reason for this. When applied to the skin, CBD has been known to regulate oil production, reduce redness and inflammation, and hydrate skin. This is due to CBD’s astounding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Like many other natural ingredients, CBD is a powerhouse when it comes to healing and protecting your skin. 

So where does CBD and hair care come in? 

CBD is packed with many key nutrients we look for when it comes to quality, comprehensive hair care including vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Combine this with its high concentration of antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties we noted when it comes to CBD skincare and you have yourself a near-perfect core ingredient. 

First and foremost, CBD improves hair growth. Not only is it going to keep your hair healthy and strong enough to grow long by preventing damage and breakage, but it may also thicken your hair and help those struggling with hair loss due to hormonal and stress-induced conditions recultivate their luscious locks. 

In addition, CBD will nourish your scalp. The vitamins in CBD are essential to everyone’s scalp care, but this ingredient can be especially important to look for if you struggle with scalp conditions such as eczema. CBD calms skin and heals irritation and itchiness. Its antimicrobial properties can even help prevent scalp infections known for causing dandruff. 

The benefits of CBD don’t stop here. It can make your hair appear shiny and vibrant due to its ability to promote moisture retention and it can even prolong the life of your salon-fresh color due to the amino acids present in its chemical makeup. 

Do you think you want to give the beauty of CBD in hair and skincare a shot? Shop CBD products on The Style Garage today.