For this edition of Compare and Contrast, we’re comparing and contrasting the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE and SHIMMER.SHINE from KEVIN.MURPHY—both products that give your hair excellent shine.

If you thought the oil in these products created the shine, you’re wrong! Both products get most of the shine from the light reflective pigments known as mica crystals, which are a popular ingredient in makeup, more specifically in highlighters and eyeshadow.

Both products are a great point of difference for your salon, compared to the drugstore. According to Kevin Murphy’s letter on why he released SHIMMER.SHINE, “As professionals, we need to set ourselves apart from drugstore lines, we do not want to be selling the same products. We need products that really work and keep on working throughout the day; this was very important to me when I decided to make SHIMMER.SHINE.”

How are they the same? Both treat the hair for 24 hours and can be used on towel-dried and dry hair! They also have the same bottle, simply twirl before use and get shining!

The main difference is the color, obviously! People with processed and blonde hair are perfect for the new product. If you’re going for a cooler look, it will give you that icy reflection to balance the brassy tones.

KEVIN.MURPHY also added Babassu Oil—think coconut oil but more lightweight—to the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. Here are some more differences between SHIMMER.ME BLONDE and SHIMMER.SHINE:

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Lightened, highlighted, grey, and blonde hair
SHIMMER.SHINE: Any hair color

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Lighter fragrance
SHIMMER.SHINE: Stronger fragrance

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Babassu Oil—with essential fatty acids—is nourishing, lightweight and smooths ends
SHIMMER.SHINE: Immortelle Oil—moisturizes and adds elasticity

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Lavender and silver mica crystals
SHIMMER.SHINE: Gold mica crystals

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Repairing shine treatment for blondes
SHIMMER.SHINE: Repairing shine mist

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Use on towel-dried or dry hair
SHIMMER.SHINE: Use on towel-dried or dry hair

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE: Treats hair for 24 hours
SHIMMER.SHINE: Treats hair for 24 hours

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is a perfect complement to BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL, a shampoo and conditioner that tone brassy hair into cool violet and silver blondes. As hair lightening increases in popularity, offer clients SHIMMER.ME BLONDE with every COLOR.ME service to nourish and protect their investment. Log in and register at The Style Garage to get these products today.