Styling products are overwhelming. Sprays, creams, mousses, pomades, waxes, gels—almost every brand offers a variety of these products, and it’s hard to know which ones are for what. I tend to think I need a combination of all of them when in reality, three to four specific products would do the trick. KEVIN.MURPHY is especially good at formulating products intended for specific hair types, knowing that the more specific the product is to your hair, the better it will work for you.

As an avid user of KEVIN.MURPHY’S KILLER.CURLS, I was immediately intrigued by the recent launch of KILLER.WAVES. The name itself indicated that it may be a better fit for my hair type, so I set out to compare the two and determine whether I should stick with my loyal companion, KILLER.CURLS or make the switch to its shiny, new cousin, KILLER.WAVES.

My Hair Type

I have a lot of hair. To put it in perspective, my stylist typically needs three bowls of color to complete my whole head. Blow-drying my hair is something I have to talk myself into, so having a product that allows my hair to air dry without looking like a hot mess is crucial.

In technical terms, my hair is medium in coarseness and wavy-curly in texture. On a scale of straight to kinky hair, I’m smack dab in the middle. Because my hair is textured with waves and curls, I’m #blessed with only having to wash it one or two times per week.


Features and Benefits

A leave-in, anti-frizz curl defining crème. For medium to coarse, curly, or wavy hair. Offers heat protection up to 420 F or 216 C.
How to use: Apply to towel-dried or damp hair and scrunch to activate curl.
Benefits: Anti-Frizz, Hydrating, Strengthening, Natural Feel and Motion, Curl Defining, Smoothing, Weightless, Lasting Results

A weightless curl enhancer for fine, wavy or curly hair, that leaves hair feeling thicker. Defines and separates waves while reducing frizz. Infused with Baobab Seed Extract to increase shine and elasticity. May be used as a stand-alone product or as part of a tailored daily product routine for wavy and curly hair.
How to use: Spray onto damp towel dried hair prior to styling. Use alone or layer with other products and style as desired.
Benefits: Lightweight, Volumizing, Wave Defining

How I Tested

I tested both KILLER.CURLS and KILLER.WAVES the same way: I combed my hair before getting it wet, shampoo and conditioned it with the same shampoo and conditioner, let it air dry for about 20 minutes, then applied the product.

For KILLER.CURLS I put two pumps of the cream in my hands and rubbed my hands together until the product was emulsified. Then, I scrunched the product into my hands starting from the bottom and working my way up. When I got to the crown of my head, I focused the product on the hair closest to my head to avoid tight curls at the top of my head. I took whatever product was left on my hands and gently passed it through the top layer of my head to smooth any flyaways. I did not use any other products.

For KILLER.WAVES I sprayed the product generously throughout my head. I flipped my head upside-down to give myself more volume. Once upright, I lifted my hair as I sprayed to make sure my head received even distribution. I did not use any other products.

The Results

The name of these products says it all.
KILLER.CURLS not only defined my curls but enhanced them. It took my hair from wavy to ringlets and almost totally eliminated frizz. Being that it’s a cream, it did take longer for my hair to air-dry, and I could definitely feel the product in my hair.

KILLER.WAVES is officially my new go-to product. It gave me that wavy, beachy look that I’m always striving for. The spray allowed my hair to air-dry quickly and entirely absorbed into my hair, leaving it soft and lightweight. It didn’t totally eliminate frizz, but the texture it provided made the frizz less noticeable.

The Conclusion

There is definitely a time and place for both products. I prefer beachy waves over ringlets, so will reach for KILLER.WAVES the majority of the time. For those humid days, KILLER.CURLS will be my savior for its anti-frizz benefits. I highly recommend both products to anyone who wants to define the natural texture of their hair.