With the six different styling sprays KEVIN.MURPHY has created (um, wow) it’s no wonder you’re a little confused on what each one actually does for the hair. Although my hair is on the thin side, I have a lot of it, making my hair extremely heavy. This makes it super tricky—basically impossible—to find a product that will actually do what it says and hold a style all day.

I was curious to see if KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR and TOUCHABLE could do that for me. I wrote my honest opinion on both products for you guys below.


TOUCHABLE is a finishing spray and dry wax that adds texture and hold without any of the added weight. I would use this product over their texture pastes and styling cremes because of the easy application of the spray bottle. It helps reinforce the appearance of separation and gives a hold that lasts all day.

BEDROOM.HAIR is a light, flexible hairspray that adds shine and hold to create a disheveled texture for that messy, lived-in look. It’s also sulfate- and paraben-free.

Overall, BEDROOM.HAIR is a spray that can help add texture and movement, while TOUCHABLE is more of a wax, adding more weight and less movement to the hair, but helps keep the style longer and easier than BEDROOM.HAIR.

How I Tested

I tested both products the same way: I shook both products well, then simply applied after blow-drying and styling my hair to see and feel the difference in the hold and texture. When I was finished curling, I combed through my hair with my fingers to create more of a lived-in, natural look. I did not re-apply product throughout the day.


After trying both products, I found that I would choose TOUCHABLE over BEDROOM.HAIR if I was specifically looking for a spray with a stronger hold. I can honestly say this is the first product I’ve found that has held my curls and provided volume that lasts all day with a soft, shiny appearance. I would recommend this to anyone who has healthy, heavy hair like mine looking for something to hold a style ALL day without that gritty, waxy feel. On the other hand, BEDROOM.HAIR is a great product for those looking for a soft, light, and airy hold.

BEDROOM.HAIR smells amazing. I would wear it as perfume if I could. Although it smells incredible, the texture wasn’t there for me. It isn’t the best spray if you’re looking for all-day volume. I styled my hair at 6 a.m., spraying into each layer, and in three hours my curls were falling out. I applied TOUCHABLE the same way, and my curls and volume held until around 5 p.m. that day despite how hot and humid the weather was that week.

I prefer a neater look, and this made me look like I just rolled out of bed, which is good in most cases (and probably looks amazing with shorter hair), but with my heavier, longer hair it just didn’t look right. I could also see this being an excellent option for those with light, curly hair looking to tame frizz or just smell good.


Both products were absolutely great, but for my specific hair type, I’d definitely use TOUCHABLE in the future due to the added texture and support it gives for denser hair. I’d recommend BEDROOM.HAIR to those looking to tame frizz or for something that offers a light hold but a fresh scent all day.

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