Detangle Conditioning Spray

Brocato Detangle Conditioning Spray 8.5 Fl. Oz.

Detangle Conditioning Spray

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What is Detangle Conditioning Spray?
A lightweight detangling and leave-in conditioning spray. It can be used on all types of hair. Clients can use this product to revitalize curls and tame frizz. It may be used as a pre-wrap lotion allowing 5 minutes additional processing when perming.

When is Detangle Conditioning Spray used?
This light leave-in conditioning spray can be used when the hair is in need of extra moisture, detangling, shine or if hair is frizzy and needs taming. Great for children and hair prone to tangle. Apply liberally before swimming to fill porosity and protect from chemicals.

What makes Detangle Conditioning Spray unique?
Adds shine and manageability while protecting hair from heat and styling damage.  In addition, this detangling spray offers protein.
How is it used:
Shampoo and towel dry hair. Shake Detangle Conditioning Spray well. Then spray onto hair, concentrating on tangled areas. Do not rinse out. Use on dry hair to protect.

The Blendable Options:
As a Styling Glaze - 1 part Detangle Conditioning Spray + 3 parts Holdon Styling Gel
Key ingredients include:

Vitamin B (Panthenol)
Penetrates the hair shaft to thicken, moisturize and condition.

Aloe Gel
Contains essential amino acids, which provide conditioning properties.

Comfrey & Ginkgo Biloba
Comfrey promotes healing of dry, damaged hair; Ginkgo Biloba serves as a nutrient for hair and scalp.
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