Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Treatment

Brocato Intensive Moisture Treatment 5.25 Fl. Oz.

Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Treatment

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Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Hydrating Conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft to replenish and nourish even the driest and damaged hair. Provides an immediate surge of moisture that dramatically restores hair to good health, without weighing it down. Visibly improves hair's elasticity and vitality while giving the hair natural moisture-balance for an incredible shiny and silky feel.

When is Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Hydrating Conditioner used?
You can use when your hair is feeling dry or has been damaged by natural elements. Alternate with applications of Constructor Deep Repair Treatment for more intense results.

Why is Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Hydrating Conditioner unique?
This product provides a deep hydrating conditioner for dry and damaged hair, that aids in creating softer, healthier hair with a more lustrous feel and appearance.
How is it used:
After shampooing, apply Saturate Intensive Moisture Treatment at the scalp of the hair and work through to the ends. Leave on the hair for 2-5 minutes. Rinse.

The Blendable Options:
For ultimate re-conditioning — 1 part Saturate Intensive Moisture Treatment + 1 part Constructor Deep Repair Treatment
Key ingredients include:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Provides moisturizing properties for dry, damaged hair.

Assists in protecting hair from damaging UV rays.

Hydrolyzed Keratin
Enhances gloss, strength and texture of hair.
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