Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo

Brocato Purifying Shampoo 10 Fl. Oz.
Brocato Purifying Shampoo Liter

Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo

Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo is a fresh, invigorating deep cleansing shampoo, formulated with 100% pure peppermint oil. It removes build up of product and other dulling residues, and improves circulation and shine for enhanced hair and scalp health. Best used once per week as a deep cleaning treatment, as a sports shampoo (mixed with Cloud 9 Restoring Shampoo) or as a body scrub used with a loofah. Not recommended for daily use on color-treated hair.

Features & Benefits:
Removes build-up
Offers deep cleaning
Doubles as a body scrub
Clarifying shampoo for all hair types
SCENT: Peppermint
As a clarifier in preparation for chemical service: Apply to dry hair and mist with warm water.
This creates an emulsified cream, which cleans the hair and scalp in preparation for a perm, straightening or color service.
Leave on the hair for three to five minutes and rinse.

To create an "Ultra Scrub", place a cap over the hair and sit under a warm dryer for three to five minutes, then rinse.

As a treated shampoo, once a week: For hard-to-clean hair (not recommended daily on chemically treated hair).
Peppermint Scrub on wet hair cleans deeply and completely.

As a body scrub: Apply on a loofah sponge and gently massage the entire body to leave it feeling fresh and clean.
100% Pure Peppermint oil.
An invigorating, aromatic, refreshing oil.
Designed as a purifier.
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