Shampoos and Conditioners

LOMA Moisturizing Shampoo

Whether you plan to swim in the salty waves, a crystal lake, or a luxurious chlorine pool this summer, you’re going to need a moisturizing cleanser to keep your hair in check. Look no further than LOMA’s all organic Moisturizing Shampoo, sure to enhance, protect, and repair your hair’s natural moisture while imparting a beautiful shine.

ELEVEN Australia Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Fight frizz, damage, and dryness with this nourishing shampoo. For thick and coarse or dry and frail hair, ELEVEN Australia’s Smooth Me Now Anti-Fizz Shampoo battles frizz while helping your locks retain strength and moisture.

LOMA Nourishing Conditioner

Looking for another LOMA fav to accompany your moisturizing shampoo? The Nourishing Conditioner is here to repair and replenish dry, damaged hair—a must for those who plan to swim or soak up the sun with chemically treated hair.

Brocato Vibracolor Fade Prevent Conditioner

Vacationers with color-treated hair should pack this product. Brocato’s Vibracolor Fade Prevent Conditioner is an intelligent approach to color protection. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this everyday conditioner protects and extends hair color while enhancing moisture and strength.

Styling Products

12 Benefits Big Day Hairspray

No vacation is complete without a night on the town. So for all your styling needs, pack 12 Day’s Big Day Hair Spray. With vitamin E, B5, and argan oil, this hairspray gives a firm hold and is quick to dry yet flexible, brushable, and never sticky. Not to mention, this light-scented product protects from heat and resists humidity.

privé finishing spray

Looking to lock in your look without quite as much strength? Packed with antioxidants and revitalizing oils, this medium hold finishing spray by privé is perfect when you want to tame flyaways and keep your curls in line without as much commitment.

ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray

Get the perfect beachy waves with ELEVEN Australia’s Sea Salt Texture Spray. For dry or wet hair, this product can be sprayed on the roots for volume and mid-length through ends for thickness and texture to ensure you arrive at your destination looking like a beach babe.


When you’re on the go, a good dry shampoo is an absolute must. Free from parabens or sulfates and suitable for all hair types, FRESH.HAIR by KEVIN.MURPHY neutralizes odor, removes excess dirt, products, and oils from the scalp, and freshens up lifeless hair by giving limp locks a voluminous boost.

Treatments and Extras

Brocato Shimmer Spray

When is it time for a little extra sparkle if not on vacation? Brocato’s Shimmer Spray is a fun extra to pack in your bag—with gold or platinum flecks; this product can be sprayed on hair, skin, and clothes to give a sexy glow and pearlescent sparkle.


If your trip is on the longer side, or your hair needs an extra boost, KEVIN.MURPHY’s BORN.AGAIN. Essential Treatment is your new travel BFF. Unlike any other treatment, this product is energized by air and light and ready to treat your hair on a molecular level. Apply to freshly washed hair for 10-20 minutes to repair the damage, improve color, smooth frizz, protect from hair loss, and promote moisture and shine.