What are the differences between KEVIN.MURPHY’s new flexible texturizing hairspray, BEDROOM.HAIR, and beloved powder finishing spray, DOO.OVER? We had Jocelyn, our resident writer, put them to the test!

What’s your hair type?

My hair is fine, dark brown, and medium-length with a slight wave.

What did you know about the products before you used them?

Only that they were hairspray products.

What do the directions say for each bottle?

BEDROOM.HAIR: Use on dry hair as a finishing spray for all-over body and bounce. Don’t forget to shake well and spray evenly.

DOO.OVER: Shake well and spray evenly and lightly onto dry hair. Use as a finishing spray immediately after styling.

Any differences in key ingredients or technology?

• Ingredients:
     ■ Sunflower Seed Extract - Provides protection and nutrients essential to hair health and strength
     ■ Ginger Root Extract - Helps strengthen the hair while conditioning and protecting; Vegetable      Glycerin - Protects hair from moisture loss
     ■ Camellia Leaf Extract - Conditions the hair and gives it enhanced elasticity
     ◦ DOO.OVER:
     ■ Tapioca Starch - Gives the hair a soft velvety feel and provides the powder technology, giving the      hair volume that lasts. Tapioca Starch is hydrophilic and removes excess oil from the hair and scalp.
     ■ Silica - Gives body, suppleness, and sheen.
     ■ Patchouli Oil - Anti-aging for the hair and scalp. Stimulates cellular renewal and can alleviate signs      of dandruff.

• Technology:
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR: A flexible texturizing hairspray that gives hair a shiny finish and appearance      while maintaining a disheveled consistency for that lived-in look.
     ◦ DOO.OVER: A dry powder finishing hairspray that provides hair with a matte finish and      appearance as well as a slight separation.

How do they stack up against each other?

• Fragrance
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR - Lighter fragrance. It smells almost “yummy” and sweet.
     ◦ DOO.OVER - Stronger fragrance with bold hints of Juniper.
• Hold
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR - All-day flexible hold that helps lock in shape for longer lasting waves and      curls.
     ◦ DOO.OVER - All-day holding power.
• Shine
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR - Gives the hair a shiny finish and appearance.
     ◦ DOO.OVER- Gives the hair a matte finish and appearance.
• Performance
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR - Use as a finishing spray for all-over body and bounce.
     ◦ DOO.OVER- Use as a finishing spray immediately after styling.
• Consistency
     ◦ BEDROOM.HAIR - Perfect for all textures and hair types. Maintains disheveled texture for that      lived-in look.
     ◦ DOO.OVER - Ideal for all hair types and lengths. Provides slight separation.

Initial reaction?

My initial reaction to the DOO.OVER fragrance was that I thought it was a little overbearing. Within about 30 seconds, however, the fragrance softened and I literally couldn’t get enough of it. It clung to my hair for hours and I often caught myself taking whiffs throughout the evening. BEDROOM.HAIR has a very lovely out-of-the-bottle smell but I found that the fragrance faded quite drastically within minutes...but it did leave me wanting more!

I was admittedly a bit skeptical that DOO.OVER would live up to its hype, but I was wrong. Despite my hair verging on greasy before using, it really did leave my hair with a matte finish and appearance. Plus, I was impressed to find no trace of white residue in my hair as a result of the dry powder technology.

What do they feel like in your hair?

DOO.OVER gave my hair a soft and dry texture. BEDROOM.HAIR, on the contrary, gave it more of a conditioned but still textured and disheveled feel.

Who or what would these products be good for?

I would recommend DOO.OVER to anyone who has fine and greasy hair but doesn’t want to wash it every day. I am currently battling oily postpartum hair, so I can attest that DOO.OVER really works to give even oily hair a matte finish and appearance! It worked well on my day-old hair, giving it a newly-washed texture and feel.

I would recommend BEDROOM.HAIR to people with all hair textures. It looked particularly nice on my newly-washed-and-curled hair. The curls held fabulously and looked just as good at the end of the night as they did when I first styled them...and the finish was unreal. Not even by the end of the evening did my hair start to appear oily. I literally felt like I had just left the salon!

Would you use them again?

Absolutely! I will use BEDROOM.HAIR on my newly-washed-and-styled hair and DOO.OVER for day-old hair.

Achieve volume and lasting hold while mopping unwanted excess oil with DOO.OVER and accomplish shine and touchable texture for an “I woke up like this” look with BEDROOM.HAIR. Shop these products today at The Style Garage!