JP 38 Left Thinner Shear

JP 38 Left Thinner Shear

JP 38 Left Thinner Shear

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The hairdressing scissors JAGUAR JP 38 are the perfect scissor model for any stylist thanks to their ergonomic shape.

The 38 thinning teeth ensure a fine degree of thinning, leading to a pleasantly smooth cutting feel and precision cut.

The forged special steel and additional ice hardening allow for grinding that yields excellent sharpness and keeps cutting edges sharp for a long time. The polished finish surface not only gives these hairdressing scissors an attractive look, but also helps them stand up to external influences and makes them easy to care for.

The JP 38 features an offset handle shape and additionally angled thumb ring for an ergonomic hand position.The finger rest (removable) offers a comfortable place to rest your little finger, allowing for stability when guiding the hairdressing scissors. The screw system combines with the blades to deliver an easy, excellent movement of the scissors, making it pleasant to cut hair with these hairdressing scissors. Make sure you have the perfect settings. Too loose? Too tight? The VARIO screw lets you adjust the tension very easily using a coin.

All JAGUAR WHITE LINE hair scissors are supplied with matching, high-quality finger rings. In order to avoid pressure points, we only use quality insert rings made in Germany for our JAGUAR hairdressing scissors.

  • Texturing scissors with 38 thinning teeth
  • Ergonomic handle shape for relaxed working
  • Also available for left-handed users
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Directly from the manufacturer
Handle position: Offset
Steel: Stainless Chromium Steel
Weight: 35g
Special Features: Finger support surface, removable finger rest
Cutting Edge/Blade: Micro-serration, Slice
Left-/Right-Handed: Left
Color: Silver
Product Surface: Polished Finish
Screw Connection: Vario
Serration: Teeth with prism
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