Graham Professional Black Disposable Cutting Capes

Graham Professional Black Disposable Cutting Capes 50 pk.

Graham Professional Black Disposable Cutting Capes

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Graham Professional Black Disposable Cutting Capes to protect you and your client.

Features & Benefits:
45” wide x 54” long - Tissue with a Poly Backing
Slit neck goes over client head, can also be torn to create tie closure.

Paper (Tissue)
Made from: Cellulose—i.e. wood pulp. • Description: Fibers are mixed with water and then laid down on a screen to form a web. The water is then removed and the cellulose fibers are attracted to each other as the web is dried. • Attributes: Many types of cellulose can be used—bamboo, cotton, straw, etc. Can be recycled easily.

Characteristics: Able to give good bulk and cover. Abrasion resistant. Colorfast, quick drying, low static, and resistant to deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot and weather. Thermally bondable, stain and soil resistant, strong, sunlight resistant, dry hand—wicks body moisture from the skin. Very comfortable and lightweight.

Polypropylene is more environmentally friendly than some other plastics. It's recyclable and doesn't release as many toxins as plastics such as PVC. It also breaks down more quickly, taking just 20-30 years compared to over 500 years for some other plastics.
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