Brocato Supersilk Supersilk Professional Stylist Kit

Brocato Supersilk Professional Stylist Kit Prepack

Brocato Supersilk Supersilk Professional Stylist Kit

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STYLIST KIT Includes: 
3 Supersilk Professional Smoothing Solution 3 oz. 
1 Supersilk Professional Detoxify Shampoo 10 oz. 
1 Supersilk Pure Indulgence Conditioner 8.5 oz. 
1 Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo 10 oz.

3 Supersilk Pure Indulgence Leave-In Treatment 4 oz. 
1 Supersilk Pure Indulgence Quick Facts & Vibrastrait PK
1 Supersilk Professional Step-by-Step Insert
1 Supersilk Tent Card
1 Tail Comb
1 Supersilk Express Step-By-Step Insert 

Revolution in Texture ControlExperience the next generation of sleek. Brocato's Supersilk tames frizz, reduces unwanted volume, strengthens and controls unmanageable hair. Our NANO SILKCOMPLEX™ takes texture management beyond keratin formulas of the past and is today's answer for smooth, sleek hair. The Science of Silk Perfection Brocato Supersilk's beauty is far deeper than what's on the surface. This forward-thinking formula uses nanotechnology to restructure hair with our extraordinaryNANO SILK COMPLEX. 

Here's how it works: 
Silk protein has exceptional adhesive qualities that penetrate and bind with the hair shaft. The acidic nature of the protein compresses the hair while a nano particle (1 billionth of a particle) delivers the NANO SILK COMPLEX deep into the shaft to fill in areas of weakness and fortify compromised tresses. In one last hair-perfecting step, Supersilk seals the cuticle to lock in strength and seal in moisture. Flat ironing further reinforces the hair by sealing the protein into the cuticle. Hair becomes sleek, controlled, resilient, and reveals its most optimal, healthy condition Sericin is the amazing protein produced by the silkworm. It is derived from the cocoon after the worm emerges as a butterfly.

Brocato Supersilk's NANO SILK COMPLEX is performance-proven to be stronger and more durable than keratin formulas. Brocato Supersilk Is DesignedFor Any Condition HairBleached, colored, under-nourished, over-styled —Brocato Supersilk performs beautifully on hair in any condition. The NANO SILK COMPLEX has protective,restorative properties that smooth and control hair to leave it exceptionally silky, sleek and strong. Mighty Multi-Tasker!From frizzy and flyaway to coarse and curly hair,Brocato Supersilk's multi-tasking formula - 100% free of formaldehyde Can be used on hair in any condition Tames frizz up to 100% Smoothes curls up to 90% Reduces out-of-control volume Repairs damage Industry first, spray-on application Improves manageability Reduces drying time up to 60% Hair gradually returns to natural texture over 8-12 weeks after one service.Continued use of Brocato Supersilk (services done approximately every 8-10 weeks) makes hair even smoother, stronger and silkier.

When Brocato Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo and Brocato SupersilkPure Indulgence Leave-in Treatment are consistently used at home.Hair can also be colored the same day as a Brocato Supersilk service.For best results, we suggest you use Brocato Color Project before the BrocatoSupersilk service. Select the gentlest formula to achieve the desired results. Styling Options that Last for Weeks!The beauty is in the versatility. When styling hairat home after a Supersilk service Air dry for soft, natural texture Blow dry for body and waves Curl to create shape Flat iron for a sleek, straight look 

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