Aloxxi Powder Lightener Blue

Aloxxi Powder Lightener Blue 14.1 Fl. Oz.

Aloxxi Powder Lightener Blue

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Aloxxi Lighteners are formulated with Silk Proteins, to protect the hair's integrity, and Olive Oil, for improved comb-ability, and moisture retention. Aloxxi Blue Lightener provides up to 7 levels of lift and controls the unwanted warm tones while lifting.
See manufacturer's instructions for detailed directions.

Helpful Hints:

Blue Lightener: Up to 7 levels of lift

Blue Lightener  
 On-Scalp  Off-Scalp
 1:2 to 1:3  1:1 to 1:3

Aloxxi H2O2 Creme Developers  Blue Lighteners
 Developer  On-Scalp                            Off-Scalp
 7 Volume (2%)  Yes                                      Yes
 10 Volume (3%)  Yes                                      Yes
 20 Volume (6%)  Yes                                      Yes
 30 Volume (9%) Not Recommended              Yes
 40 Volume (12%) Not Recommended              Yes 

Heat is not recommended.
Silk Protein, Olive Oil
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