As longtime Loma users, we know that Loma provides product purity and quality manufacturing. They also set themselves apart by creating all-natural candles, so people can enjoy the Loma fragrance year-round! The Lomatherapy difference is that their candles contain soy, bee, and plant-derived waxes, a lead-free wick, and natural aromatherapy.

Cranberry Romance

Scent: Cranberry Romance smells absolutely wonderful! The cranberry fills up the room with an inviting and relaxing smell. This candle goes past the generic festive scent and is perfect for the holidays or gatherings with loved ones.

Pear Pleasure

Scent: If your hair enjoys Loma’s new dry shampoo, your nose will love this candle! The scent is true to the name. The candle has a richer fragrance than the dry shampoo, but it’s not overpowering.

Vanilla Dreams

Scent: For all of the vanilla fans, this candle will be the new go-to. Loma combines a traditional smell with a soothing feel. This scent is excellent and smells just like Loma’s Nourishing Oil Treatment.

The presentation of the candles is classic. They’re clean, clear, and color-coded so there’s no scent guessing.

The burn quality for all Lomatherapy candles outperforms the competition. The lead-free wick provides a clean, consistent burn. They last for weeks when lighting them for about five to six hours a day. With an average retail price of $22, long-lasting, quality fragrances, and burn time, it doesn’t get better than that!

Create a warm, welcoming environment at the salon or home with Lomatherapy candles at The Style Garage. Choose from Cranberry Romance, Pear Pleasure, Vanilla Dreams, Spicy Citrus, and Clove Insight!